Babies & Children Inspiration Gallery

What is it about baby makes that are so appealing – is it the size, how completely adorable they are, the speed of the project, the delight on a new Mum’s face when you give them a handmade gift or all of the above?

Here are some of the samples that we have in the shop – and always more on the needles!


Looking for something different?

Then, maybe this 1 ball sock yarn 1st size Baby Cardigan is one for you.

Made with mitred squares joining as you go, it is a fun garment to make!

Difficulty rating **** Advanced

This childrens chunky jacket is great for boys and girls alike, warm, cosy, a hood and pockets – perfect!

Ideal for popping out, country walks and puddle jumping!

Difficulty rating *** Intermediate


There’s even a simple matching fairisle hat to complete the look

Difficulty rating ** Advanced Beginner


We think this lovely little cardigan has a somewhat Royal Princess feel to it with its classic style.

Made with a mix of Rico yarns in a single colour yarn and a variegated colour, the sections are knitted separately and then popped onto a circular needle to knit the yoke.

and of course there’s a matching hat for the super cute look!

Difficulty rating *** Intermediate


If you’re not local Contact us  and we will gladly help get your adorable baby knit kit together!