Choosing the right magic wands!

Knitting needles and crochet hooks come in all sorts of sizes, material and types!

Yes, they all do the job they are intended for, but they all vary – just as we do!

It really is important to choose the right size and type for your project – not all hooks and needles are created equally!

Pony – a wide range of traditional, everyday needles and hooks

Bamboo – perfect for those of you that find the traditional too inflexible and also excellent for those of you with arthritis or carpal tunnel, not to mention good for on flights

KnitPro Zing – Metal knitting needles that come in gorgeous colours according to the size (mid price range but the favourites of the girls@thespottedsheep!)

KnitPro Symfonie – beautiful wooden needles that look like works of art and are smooth and easy to use.

KnitPro Karbonz – if you have a golfer in your life you will know about carbon graphite golf clubs – light, durable & slightly flexible. These are exceptionally light, and perfect for anyone with arthritis as you still have a wonderful tip without the stiffness or weight.

KnitPro Cubics – love these square needles! Especially useful for knitters whose tension is quite loose as these needles help to bring the tension into line

KnitPro Waves – ergonomically designed crochet hooks that feel more natural to work with + plus each size is a different funky colour!

Clover Amour – Crochet hooks that are shaped so they are easy to cradle in your fingers, with a smooth tip and excellent hook, allowing you to glide through your project, without tiring.