Crocheted Rosie Reindeer Head

Fancy making a Crocheted Reindeer Head?  Well, now you can!

Amigurumi goes LARGE!

Rosie is a really cute decoration for all year round, but especially for at Christmas!

She is made with a superchunky yarn and the only stitch you need to know is Double Crochet!  This means that she is super quick to make, and, as we all know, the simplest projects are often the most effective.

Everybody loves a reindeer, don’t they?

Rosie is available as a kit, with a pattern.

The kit uses 7mm & 8mm crochet hooks, both of which can be purchased from the shop, with a choice of makes to suit your preference.

Stuffing is not available as standard, as many people have an old cushion that now offends them, that they may wish to use!  If not, it is available to add to your basket, and fully complies with British Standards.

The Crocheted Reindeer Head has also been placed inside a wicker wreath, which we think looks amazing.  However, it is available to purchase with or without the wreath.     You make the choice.

Do you like it, but your crochet skills are limited?

You can’t normally read a crochet pattern?  We think you will find that this one makes sense!

It has been written by us, as one crocheter to another, so hopefully, it works for everyone.




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