Magic Loop Toe Up Knitted Socks

THURSDAY 10th JANUARY 10.30 – 12.30pm

TUESDAY 26th MARCH 6.00 – 8.00pm

The funny thing about sock knitting is that it’s kind of one of the things that many knitters want to learn, but really don’t fancy fiddling around with 4 or 5 double pointed needles.

Well, this is your chance to learn how to knit a sock from the toe up with a single circular needle.

This means there is no dreaded ‘2nd sock syndrome’ (you know the one, when you have that blissful sense of achievement that disappears when you realise you have to do the same thing all over again!).  Learn to knit 1 at once, then when you have mastered the technique, you will be able to try 2 at a time!

This workshop will teach you how to make a sock to fit anyone – Yes really, anyone, from a baby with cute tiny feet right up to Yeti size feet.

Please note, this is not a beginner workshop.

During the workshop, you will make a baby sock which will teach you all the methods to make a sock with no picking up for the heel and no sewing up the toe. This method really does work for anyone wanting to make ‘bespoke’ socks.

You will need yarn of double knitting or thicker, (not 4 ply), and a circular needle of 60cms or longer of the size to suit the yarn.

Please note that yarn and needles are available to purchase in the shop prior to the workshop.

Workshop cost is £25.00

Please note that each workshop date is for the same content. The different dates are to give you a choice that is convenient.

If you wish to book a place, please contact the shop via email, phone or in person to secure your place, as there are limited spaces available.


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