Noro Magazine 19

This magazine contains 35 patterns!!!  2 of which are crocheted and the rest being knitted.  (The Hexagraph Cushion and the Lotus Top are crocheted.)

Noro Magazines are always a treasure trove of fabulous patterns, all made using their beautiful yarns.  But, did you know that this magazine contains useful information to help you use a different yarn if that is what you wish.   There is an international guide to the different yarn weights, a description and the meterage of each Noro yarn used along with the yarn’s respective international yarn weight number, so they can be used together to find alternatives.  There is also a star guide for the complexity of the project, along with a glossary of knitting and crochet terms.   This makes it is a highly practical and excellent value magazine, especially when compared to many of the magazines you find on the news shelves.

But, it also makes a fabulous coffee table book as you will browse and use it again and again.   These are the FINISHED measurements available for each garment pattern.

Acacia 40-52″
Amandine 38-70″
Ambrosian 34-66″
Bartlette 38-63″
Brioni 40-60″
Clove 35.5-69″
Correa 43-52″
Hakea 41-61″
Hazelnut 40-68.5″
Jessamine 35-70″
Lotus 48-56″
Man’s Pullover 42-54″
Piper 42-55.5″
Sia 45-53″
Tyto 40.5-49″

Or, this website can give you more specific help on alternative yarns



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