Queensland Perth Superwash

Queensland Perth is a superwash sock yarn of blended colours.

Each 100g ball has 400m of 4 ply weight yarn which is suitable for wraps, shawls, garments and it  is obviously perfect for socks!

Recommended Knitting needles 2.25 – 3.25mm

                            Crochet Hooks 2.25 – 3.5mm

These recommendations are based on a standard stocking stitch.

If you are making a decorative item, such as a shawl or wrap, feel free to increase the needle or hook size, in order to give more drape, openness and fluidity.

We have knit this beautiful Row By Row Sock Wool Wrap using just 1 ball of the Queensland Perth in colour 110 Rainbow Reef, you’ll need a 5.0mm 80cm circular needle.

Row By Row Sock Wool Wrap

The pattern is available to purchase by clicking on the link above, as an instant download.


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