Face Shield

Reusable Face Shields Pack of 2

Reusable Face Shields Pack of 2

These face shields are reusable time and time again, and can be cleaned with a detergent product either on its own, or followed by a decontamination product, after which they should be rinsed thoroughly to remove any residual cleaning product or detergent and left to dry.

These are clear shields that will provide protective cover for your eyes, nose and mouth.

Each one is flat so is highly portable, there is a main shield area of 23cm top to bottom  and 30cm from side to side, sufficient to offer face protection for most people.

The design is such that there is a main face shield, behind that is a section which fits against your forehead and an elastic strap that pops over your head so that the shield doesn’t touch your face.

There is ample flexibility to still wear glasses, wether prescription or sunglasses and a face covering should you wish.

These shields are British 🇬🇧 made. They are not made for the medical market but are for those who wish to have additional protection when out and about.

These face shields are designed to help protect your face against direct splashes and minimise risk.

It is not designed to protect from harmful biological agents, substances, mixtures harmful to health, chemicals or impacts.

This device is to be used at your own risk and must not be used as a substitute for other recommended protection.

For those of you who have done ‘click & collect’ orders from us whilst you have been out for a Government approved reason will have seen that we are already using face shields.


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