This presentation box contains:

2 x 25 gram balls of Vicuña (100% vicuna) approx. 125yds / 115m per 25gram skein

1 x 4.5mm (US 7 / UK 7) circular needle

 and Vicuña history and information booklet

Certificate of Authenticity

Knitting pattern for a Vicuña Lace Scarf, designed by Jeni Hewlett

The finished scarf is 45 1/4” / 115cm long by 8 3/4” / 22cm wide

 The Vicuña is the smallest of the South American camelids and, together with the guanaco, is one of the two species which in live in the wild.


The Vicuña’s extremely fine fibre, which for thousands of years has been so highly regarded by the Andean cultures, was used exclusively to clothe Royalty. The Inca Emperor, whose father is the Sun, wore only sophisticated garments made from this exceptional material, and he would use them only once.


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