Block your work!

So, you’ve spent all that time, lovingly knitting or crocheting and finishing your project – you’re done, aren’t you?

NO! – you have probably got the most important step of all now x the step that turns great work into fabulous work!

Whilst you are knitting or crocheting, you naturally pull the yarn about – tugging it about during the creative process, so now it needs a little ‘spa treatment’ to help your stitches relax to give you a fabulous finished effect.

I know some knitters and crocheters ‘press’ finished pieces or items, but personally I would never put an iron near my work – it tends to squash the work, flattening some areas more than others to give an uneven finish.

Much better to rinse or dampen your work, then spread it out on a towel on a carpeted area or onto specially designed blocking mats, where you can gently pull it into the size and shape you need, then pin it into this position and leave to dry naturally. Whilst wet, you can smooth out any uneven areas with your fingers to create a beautifully even finish.

Dont believe the difference it can make? Then look at the before and after photos of the shawl here!