Choosing the right yarn!

Just like cooking and baking, getting the right result is dependant on choosing the right basic ingredients!

So, it’s really important to choose the right wool or yarn for your project, so…..take your time and only buy the yarn you’re happy with – after all, you know that the finish you get depends on your choice right at the beginning!

Which yarn you choose depends on various factors, such as:

a) who is it for?

b) how much will it need to be washed? (Babies are a great example of this – yes, they are cute, but they can also be messy and baby things need to be cute + very washable!)

c) budget – sometimes it comes down to the 1 – who is it for and 2 – how much can I spend on it! Just remember there are good yarns that don’t cost a fortune but give you a good result (Stylecraft Special dk for example – oooo and did I mention that we stock ALL the colours!)

d) some yarns are better suited to crochet, some to knitting – ask for advice to make sure you get the result you want!