Fixing dropped stitches!

We all make mistakes and dropped stitches whilst knitting happen to everyone at some time – you know how it happens – your mind drifts off, the doorbell goes or you just don’t notice you’ve dropped stitches until you’re a few rows up!

Don’t panic – a simple crochet hook or even better a repair hook can easily sort this out!

1) Get your crochet hook and put in through the stitch at the bottom of the ‘ladder’ in your work

2) using the hook, catch the crossbar of where the next stitch up should be and pull through the loop already on your hook

3) repeat the last stage until you have picked up all the stitches you dropped. Put the last loop on your left hand needle and continue as if nothing happened!

If this isn’t possible, or you’re not happy with how your work looks, then you can always ‘frog’ your work – pull back the last few rows until you are past the problem area, then carry on again!