Help! I can’t find what I’m looking for!

So, you need some yarn. We have 50,000 balls in the shop and you know we stock it, but can’t find it on the website! 

(Unfortunately we haven’t been able to put everything on the website yet, but we are working towards it! )

 Perhaps we can help you solve your problem.

A    ‘CLICK & COLLECT’   service and a ‘Pick Up & Go’ service is also is now available.   (Pick Up and Go is ideal if you know what you want before you come, and can be paid for at the same time.)

We will be using the back door for these services, meaning a quicker safer service.. Please ‘Follow the Sheep’ up the side of the shop to come to our safe counter.

Please ring the doorbell at the left of the door to alert us to your arrival.

We will also be open for you to have a short browse to make your selection, if you require.

Please also note the ‘opening times’ are now

Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday 10am – 3pm for all aspects of shopping.

Many thanks for your support and understanding at this difficult and challenging time.

Remember,   Stay Apart to Stand Together!      Stay safe!