Help! I can’t find what I’m looking for!

So, you need some yarn. We have 50,000 balls in the shop and you know we stock it, but can’t find it on the website! 

(Unfortunately we haven’t been able to put everything on the website yet, but we are working towards it! )

 Perhaps we can help you solve your problem.

A    ‘CLICK & COLLECT’   service is now available, if you are coming to town for essentials.  Collection can only be for goods purchased  prior to arrival, by phone or Paypal.       Please check the hours stated below.


Please ring the doorbell at the left of the door to alert us to your arrival.     Please step back when we come to the door and stay back until we have moved away.     We are doing this to keep everybody safe.

Please also note the ‘opening times’ are now Monday to Friday, 9.30-1.30pm unless otherwise agreed with us.

Why don’t you just drop us an email?  You can use the contact form on this website, or email direct to

Please give us your details, including a contact number, and information such as the type of yarn you require, the amount and colour. If you know the make, that’s easier!

Or, try giving us a phone call?

At the moment, we are not open to visitors, however someone will usually be in the shop Monday to Friday mornings 9.30am to 1.30pm, as a minimum. We can virtually guarantee that yarns will be posted out these days at least.   Payment can be taken over the phone, or by Paypal.

The Post Office is currently closing at 3pm and there can be a queue, so we aim to leave the shop by 2pm to ‘catch the post.’

Due to the current situation, we are lone working and may have had to pop to the studio or the Post Office, so please call again if no-one answers.

Many thanks for your support and understanding at this difficult and challenging time.

Remember,   Stay Apart to Stand Together!      Stay safe!