James Brett

So many of you will be familiar and love working  with James C Brett wools and yarns.

So, which ones do we stock?

The new kid on the block!


Chinchilla is a super super soft faux fur yarn that makes the softest scarves, hats, teddies and more!

Feeling is believing!

Baby yarns

Supreme Soft & Gentle 4 ply  and dk these are gorgeously soft, yarns created especially for delicate skin, wether it be for a baby or for yourself.

These yarns are spun from a blend of premium acrylic and soft polyamide and are ideal for baby garments, shawls, blankets and toys.

Machine washable

4 ply – 440m in 100g ball, tension 28st & 36 rows on 3.25mm needles

dk – 336m in 10pg ball, tensi9n 22sts & 28 rows on 4.00mm needles


Baby Marble dk

Affordable, good quality baby yarns that washes and washes. Being variegated it also adds extra interest to the knitting experience.

Meterage 268m in 100g ball

Tension 22sts & 30 rows on 4mm needles

100% Premium acrylic, machine washable at 30 degrees

Double knit with Merino and Chunky with Merino

We stock lots of colours is these yarns as the combination acrylic, polyamide and Merino wool make these yarns incredibly versatile.

They are a ‘go to’ favourite for many of our customers who want a hardwearing yarn that is soft, has the touch of luxury and comes in a lovely colour choice without breaking the bank.

Dk with Merino colours

Meterage 290m in a 100g ball, 2wst & 28 rows on 4.00mm needles

Chunky with Merino colours

Meterage 150m in 100g ball. 14sts & 20 rows on 6mm needles.


Aztec Aran

This is undoubtedly one of customers favourite yarns as it is soft, durable, comes in a varied colour range and has enough alpaca content to make it feel luxurious.

Meterage 190m in 100g ball

Tension 18sts & 24rows on 5.00mm needles

Machine washable at 30 degrees


Marble Chunky

Marble Chunky is a fabulous variegated 100% premium acrylic chunky yarn that has a myriad of uses; scarves, blankets, sweaters, kinit or crochet and we even have a pair of ‘house elf’ slipper boots in the shop!

As there is such a vast range of colours available and we don’t have room for them all, we rotate the colours to ensure that the new shades and the old favourites are mingled in the shop.

Meterage 312m in a 200g ball

Tension 14st & 20 rows on 6.00mm needles

Machine washable

Northern Lights

This is a super affordable, super soft, flecked variegated yarn cake. It knits to a standard dk tension and even has a free knitted wrap pattern on the inside of the ball band.

Meterage 3p450m in 150g yarn cake

Tension 22sts & 28 rows on 4.00mm needles


Party Time

Party Time is a super soft chunky yarn that comes in an array of bright, child friendly colours. Being a chunky it is a quick knit.

We have 3 sample children’s garments in the shop as it is a very popular yarn for children’s sweaters and cardigans.

It is also an ideal yarn for learning to knit, a 1st garter stitch scarf gets more exciting when you want to keep going to see the colours change as you go! This yarn is equally rewarding as a crochet project.


Meterage 154m in 100g ball

Tension 14 sts & 20 rows on 6mm needles

100% premium acrylic, machine washable

Rustic Mega Chunky

Rustic Mega Chunky is a quick knit yarn that has a slight fleck. Knits and crochets up super quickly!

Ideal for a really fast sweater or an even faster scarf, Cowl or hat.

Meterage 57m in 100g ball

Tension 7.5sts & 10 rows on 12.00mm needles

Composition 82% premium acrylic, 10% wool, 8% viscose

Machine washable @ 30 degrees


Flutterby is a marshmallow soft chenille chunky yarn, it makes the softest, cosiest knitted or crocheted blankets, cardigans, hats and more.

Meterage 175m in 100g ball



Aran with wool