Louisa Harding

Our most loved Louisa Harding yarn is without doubt


an 80% wool, 20% silk blend that is an absolute joy to work with.

Each ball has the most amazing colour combinations that blend to form a self striping effect like no other to create an overall stunning look.

Our most popular sweater in this yarn combines 2 colour choices, that when worked alternately according to the pattern instructions creates one of the most wearable garments ever.

You may never consider putting these colour combinations together yourself but when you see them you quickly appreciate how this works for so many of us, regardless of skin tone and hair colour.

We also have 3 wraps made from this yarn, a 1 ball simple knitted wrap, and with just 2 balls you can make either the corner to corner crochet wrap or the Brigitte wrap.

Amitola Grande

is the big sister version of Amitola, this yarn comes in the same amazing colour combinations and makes a beautiful sweater, Cowl or wrap.