Odd Stuff Inspiration Gallery

ok…so now you’re thinking – what’s in odd stuff – why not take a look and see!

I think odd stuff may be my favourite section (or it may be joint favourite with Christmas!) – probably because this (and Christmas) are the areas that I get to play and experiment the most!

Someone once told me that everything in life should be ‘Either useful or beautiful’, believe it or not you will find useful things in this section and lots of fun lovely things that make you smile!


Meet Charlie the Stegasaurus, sooo cute and not in the slightest bit dangerous!

Difficulty rating ** Advanced Beginner


1 ball Tufty Hot water bottle cuddly cover

Difficulty rating * Easy Peasy

Difficulty rating ** Advanced Beginner

Makes a perfect ‘yarn bowl’ bag!


House Elf Slippers?                              Hearts ? & Tea – perfect!

Difficulty rating * Easy Peasy             Difficulty rating ** Adv Beginner


Difficulty rating * Easy Peasy        Difficulty rating * Easy Peasy

Difficulty rating *** Intermediate


Difficulty rating *** Intermediate    Difficulty rating *** Intermediate