Elastic 10mm wide

Elastic 10mm wide

White elastic, 1cm wide

This is perfect if you are making face coverings with the elastic round the back of the head.

This is often a good solution if someone is doing a job that requires a lot of movement, or finds ear loops difficult, eg with glasses and hearing aids.

They are also highly suitable for children!   Please note: Face coverings should NOT be used on children under 2 years of age.

I have made 2 of the shaped face coverings

(the printed patterns we give out with our kits)

the 1st face Covering I cut the elastic in 1/2 lengthwise and made ear loops from it – this worked absolutely fine and this is what we personally recommend for making your elastic go further and still work.

the 2nd face Covering I used 2 lengths of the elastic to go round the back of my head, this worked fine as well, but obviously uses twice as much elastic and is a different fit.

The elastic is packed in a 3m length and unfortunately due to limited supply it is a maximum of 1 pack per order



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