Katia Boomer


You have asked us for balls that are easy to start, with an end that is easy to find, without the tangles caused by a ball rolling on itself when knitting… And at Katia we bring you the surprising Boomer; a new tangle free ball format that is quick to start, comfortable to knit and also consisting of 5 colours that you can combine in whichever order you prefer. Try Katia Boomer and discover the advantages of this different ball! Boomer is extremely easy.

First, cut the plastic tie that keeps the ends of Boomer together in a circular shape. Next, pull the end you prefer and start knitting without any worries. Do you want to knit the 5 Boomer colours in a different order? Easily separate the colour sections to cut the join between colours and make separate balls.

Acrylic 80%, Wool 20% – 200g (7oz)   Each wheel has 320 metres, which is considerably more that the Caron O’Go which is 100% Acrylic and has only 228 metres and may be worth noting if you are using a pattern for that yarn.