Katia Stitch Stoppers Pack of 24,Eva Foam, 6 sizes per pack £7.99

A fabulous little Kraft box complete with 24 stitch stoppers in 6 different sizes, with 4 of each size.  They are gorgeous bright colours made with Eva foam, with each size in a different colour. Fun!    They are perfect for preventing the loss of your stitches from the needles whilst storing your project, to avoid frustration.  However, there are many other uses for them that may not be immediately obvious but are extremely useful.  Perhaps you are knitting a pair of bootees and you want to use a pair of double-pointed needles as a pair of short needles, just pop one of these stoppers on the end of 2 needles and voila, you’ve got a pair of short needles.  They are great to use with Circulars or the cables from interchangeable needles to support your knitting.  Got a cable to knit, but worried about losing stitches, just use 1 of these!   And the beauty is that as they are soft, they will not damage your favourite needles.    They fit sizes 2 – 10mm needles, (US Sizes 0-15)

Perfect as a present for a knitter, wether it’s for someone else or for you!



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