Magic Ring Chenille



is a chenille-based velvet feel yarn with unusual qualities – it has an innovative ring or loop structure that is quite unlike other yarns!

This yarn is not worked on needles, it can be worked using a crochet hook if you like, but actually we found that you don’t even need this – fingers alone are just perfect!!

To make your project, you simply and easily pull the loops through each other to achieve a knitted result.

There is an accompanying Video available on YouTube to show you exactly how to do this, just click here


Magic Ring is perfect to initiate children and adults into textile arts and projects, ideal to develop

creativity and enthusiasm for handmade things and its lots of fun!

There are lots of YouTube videos to help you make the project of your choice, and here are the links:

Bunny Baby Cuddler 1 ball project YouTube link 1  https://youtu.be/yM0a9YZKji4

Bear Backpack Project 2 balls YouTube link 2 http://🎒 Bear Backpack ♾️DIY ideas with Katia Magic Ring, easy to knit loop yarn Share MORE VIDEOS 0:18 / 27:55

Tablet / Smartphone Holder Projects YouTube link 3 https://youtu.be/XrgiNovETZ0


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