Prym Cable Needles, 7mm & 4mm – Yoga Ergonomics

These nylon tipped cable needles have a flexible, bendy centre section which helps you to keep the stitches just where you want them!

An innovative new design for cable needles, Prym’s Yoga Ergonomics range allows you to shape your accessory any way you want. While each new project can present its own challenges, having an awkwardly placed cable needle should not be one of them, and this beautifully bendy little tool makes it so you can create a shape that will work best for your movements. Available in both 4.00mm and 7.00mm for different weight projects, this really is an accessory update that your collection could use.

The 7mm cable needle is 25cm in length to allow for wider cable patterns and comes in a pack of 1.

The 4mm cable needles come in 20cm length with 2 needles per pack.


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