Ricorumi Rainbow Book

This fabulous Ricorumi Rainbow Crochet book has instructions for making a variety of fun items.

These are all shown made using a rainbow theme, though this can be altered to your taste

so they can be made in as bright or subtle, contrasting or matching colours as you wish, as well as single colours.

   Obviously there is a pattern for a rainbow which can be 3D so it stands up, or made into bunting.

Or, do you fancy making a Toucan with a multi-coloured beak or body…

or a really cute flower in a pot, which for those of us old enough to remember, is reminiscent of ‘Weed’ in Bill & Ben, the Flowerpot Men…

a rabbit which is peeking out of a cupcake base…

a smiling rainbow cloud which looks fabulous with the rainbows

and an ice-cream cornet, which could be any ‘flavour’ you fancy.

They are all really cheerful and would brighten anywhere;

a nursery, garden, conservatory, playroom, or just to lift your day whilst working in your craft area or kitchen,

as well as making excellent gifts.

Click on the relevant picture to see what you need to make it as shown,

and here to purchase the Ricorumi yarns.




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