Stitch Garden Magnetic Boards for pattern and chart reading

Stitch Garden Magnetic boards are A4 size (22cm x 31cm) and fit a standard UK pattern size. They hold the pattern securely in place and help you keep track of your progress on your chart or pattern. Each flat board has a magnetic ruler (18cm / 7″ length), a plain magnetic strip of the same size as the ruler, plus 2 smaller magnetic strips, which combined equal the same length but are narrower. They are easily portable and can be used for many projects such as knitting, crochet, cross stitch or other needlework hobbies.  They also have a small hole to hang the board if required.  The weight of a board with magnets is 13oz / 375g so it is not at all excessive.

Hint: we’ve found the smaller strips ideal for placing above the row we are doing with another below, so that it highlights the row we are doing!


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