Stylecraft 9839 Short and Long Sleeved Cardigans

What a fabulous summer cardigan pattern…..a choice of short or long sleeves as well!

This is a really lovely pattern to make as it has moss stitch, to stocking stitch then eyelet rows to keep it an interesting and fun knit that gives an overall ‘sampler stitch’ feel to the cardigans,

The pattern was designed for Stylecraft Natural Organics Cotton (we do stock this too!), but it would be even softer in

Stylecraft Bamboo + Cotton and the number of balls required is here:

Long Sleeved Cardigan

32/34” 5 balls, 36/38” 5 balls, 40/42” 6 balls, 44/46” 7 balls, 48/50” 8 balls

Short Sleeved Cardigan

32/34” 4 balls, 36/38” 4 balls, 40/42” 5 balls, 44/46” 5 balls, 48/50” 6 balls


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