Tranquil by Sarah Hatton for Erika Knight



by Sarah Hatton for Erika Knight

in Studio Linen

British Knit and crochet designer Sarah Hatton has designed this elegant summer shawl

in a simple shell stitch using 3 colours of Studio linen

The colours used in the pattern Covet, Remnant & Bone, but we have 17 colours in stocks so you can personalise your colour choice to complement your wardrobe.

The finished shawl measures approximately 205cm along the top and around 110cm in length

To make this Shawl you need 8 skeins of colour 1 – 960m, 3 skeins of colour 2 – 360m,  and 3 skeins of colour 3 – 360m

The sample shown was made in 8 x Covet, 3 x Remnant and 3 x Bone

If you want to make this in an alternate yarn, say Stylecraft ReCreate which has 350m per ball, then you simply divide the meterage from the pattern by the meterage per ball for the alternate yarn, so this would be;

Colour 1 – 960 divided by 350 = 3 balls

Colours 2 & 3 –  360 divided by 350 = 1.02 of each colour ( you have to decide if you will want 1 ball or 2 of colours 2 & 3)

and a 3.5mm crochet hook (if you want greater drape then size up your hook)


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