WYS Ready Made Socks!

West Yorkshire Spinners Ready Made Socks are a real treat for your feet.

These are the easy way to get all the warmth and comfort of West Yorkshire Spinners Sock yarns for your feet, so why not get a few pairs?

They are made from British Bluefaced Leicester wool and are designed to keep your feet toasty warm.  Ideal for walkers, dog walkers,  people with outdoor occupations, ‘horse’ people, Football supporters, (no matter if it’s the premier league or your precious little one), or they are perfect for just curling up in front of the television or with a good book. Whenever you need some socks to keep you warm, these are the ones you need.  They all have a thick squidgy sole, except the Foot Fleeces, which are the same thickness all over.

If you are using the socks as slipper socks, rather than to wear inside footwear, you may wish to use Rico Sock Stop, which is a latex which you dot on the soles to prevent slipping on floors such as laminate or tiles.

The Foot Fleeces can be machine washed, but it is recommended that all the other types are hand washed. None are suitable for tumble drying; you really won’t want to ‘felt’ them as you’ll love them soooo much !!


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