The Spotted Sheep

Zandra PomPom Crocheted Neck Cosy Pattern

  • This pattern was inspired by 2 things:

1  The gorgeous Zandra Rhodes yarn collection from West Yorkshire Spinners, and

2  I wanted to create a crocheted neck cosy pattern that is quick, different and shows off the fabulous yarn.

Just 1 ball of WYS Zandra Rhodes (or any ball of 400m sock yarn) is all it takes to create this, plus a 4.5mm hook.

I love a PomPom and this cosy was finished off with 1 at each end (from the same 1 ball of yarn!), if that’s not for you, leave them off, its that simple.

It looks fabulous tucked into the neck of a favourite winter coat, but is also perfect to brighten up a sweater, and of course it also make a fabulous gift either made by you or bought with the yarn to make a gift kit for a fellow crochet lover.

The pattern has step-by-step instructions


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