Erika Knight


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Erika Knight is a highly respected British knitwear and crochet designer, as well as the creator of her own eponymous yarn range. With her ‘simple’ ethos, Erika has a unique interpretation of craft: her mission is to simplify and communicate her insight and passion for knitting and crochet with accessible yet enticing projects in order to inspire everyone to experiment and, above all, enjoy creating.

Having launched her own eponymous hand knit yarn label in 2012, determined to support British manufacturing and share her unwaveringly-held belief in the importance of treading lightly on the earth and celebrating traditional British skills, Erika is doing what she always wanted to do having honed her style into a covetable brand.


Just launched………………….We have the full colour range in stock now!!!


Wool Local is the latest yarn to be added to erika’s yarn collection, and being a 4ply, it dovetails perfectly with her current range of yarns.


It is an intimate blend of pure luxurious British Bluefaced Leicester and hardwearing Fine Masham, in a Fine 4 ply weight, this is a truly local wool, with its roots in the heartland of British textile manufacturing.

Can you believe that this yarn actually goes from fleece to finished yarn in less than 50 miles.

Wool Local is both authentically British and environmentally sustainable.

Starting at the British wool auction in Bradford, the wool is scoured, combed, spun, dyed, steamed and handed in the county of Yorkshire.

This yarn has only just arrived in store! we will get the patterns in stock as soon as they are released!

Meterage 450m in 100g hank

Composition 100% British wool

Tension 28sts & 36 rows = 10cm / 4” on 3.25mm needles

In the meantime though we are working on a sample made with one of our own designs…… this space!!


Wild Wool is also a new addition to the erika Knight yarn collection, launched in Autumn 2018.

Wild Wool is a sustainable blend of soft wool and natural nettle!

Wild Wool is spun from the fibre inside the stem of the plant, nettle has been used for 2000 years for its strength and durability as a textile.

As many of you will be aware- nettle is grown abundantly and perennially in rainy areas worldwide without the need for harmful pollutants or pesticides, making it eco-friendly and sustainable.

Blended with luxurious wool the nettle enhances the character of this yarn, adding insulation and texture, which, contrary to its prickly persona, creates a sumptuously soft ‘aran’ weight yarn in a palette of irresistible colours inspired by the wild.

Meterage 170m in 100g hanks

Composition 85% wool, 15% nettle (viscose)

Tension 18sts & 26 rows = 10cm / 4” on 5mm needles

We have ALL colours in stock and of course a sample for you to try on! I have to say that this yarn is definitely in my favourite top ten yarns to work with.


Studio Linen

An ancient fibre recycled for a modern maker

Linen is an ancient, sustainable, natural fibre spun from the flax plant. Flax itself is naturally resistant to pests and therefore practically no pesticides nor herbicides are necessary to grow these eco-friendly stem fibre plants.

Linen is durable, soft, lustrous and flexible and will naturally soften with wear and washing.

Studio linen is 100% linen: 85% is recycled rayon-linen fibre, sorted from selected wastage and regenerated using the eco-friendly hydrolysis method. Blended with 15% premium natural linen, these fives are twisted and dyed to produce a unique double knit yarn.

Cool to the touch, and with a delicate drape, Studio Linen is the perfect wear for summer.

With a refined palette of colours that will work with everything you wear for many years to come.

We have ALL colours in stock and have samples in store for you to try on!


Meterage 120m in a 50g hank

Tension 21/2 sts & 28 /30 rows = 10cm / 4” on 3.75 / 4.00 mm needles


Gossypium Cotton  is a ‘bespoke’ double knit yarn, made in the Hisar District in the state of Haryana by an eco-friendly manufacturer who is very much at the heart of the local community, promoting fair labour practices and the welfare and development of its employees.

With 8 pastel colours and 4 new classic colours, this naturally soft and breathable cotton is perfect for even the most delicate of skins of babies.

Composition 100% soft, Matt cotton

Meterage 100m on 50g ball

Tension 20 /22 sts & 28 /31 rows = 10 cm / 4” on 3.75 / 4.00mm needles

Again, we have ALL colours in stock


British Blue  double knit is made from 100% Bluefaced Leicester fleece, supremely soft, subtly sheeny, this is Britain’s most luxurious fibre.

A selected palette of chalky pastels with bright ‘pops’ that work together – even with your eyes closed you can be sure of a successful colour project.

Meterage 55m on a 25g ball

Tension 22sts & 30 rows = 10cm / 4”


Fur Wool is a wonderfully textured fashion yarn made from 97% wool with a 3% binder.

Perfect for must have fur accessories and gorgeous cosy knits.


Of course we had to pop this photo in – all its missing is spots!!

A 10p% natural wool fur

Meterage 40m on 100g hank

Tension 5sts & 10 rows = 10cm / 4”


We also have some shades of Vintage wool & Maxi wool.