King Cole

King Cole 4891 Floral Motif dk Crochet Blanket Pattern

This pattern gives you 2 blanket pattern options for you to choose from,

a simpler granny square based blanket and

a ‘next steps’ blanket pattern

To make the Daisy Blanket ( the yellow one ), you will need ( here are the amounts for Stylecraft Special dk)

Pale Green  2 balls

Yellow 1 ball

White  1 ball

Blanket size 58 x 82cm


To make the 3D Flower Blanket, you will need

Pink 1 ball

Cream 2 balls

Lavender 1 ball

Purple 1 ball

Pale Green 1 ball

Blanket size 62 x 90cm

To make either blanket larger is really easy , just add more motifs


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