Punch Needle Crafts

Punch Needle Crafts is one of the latest crafting pastimes, and can be great for cushions, pictures or wall art, purses, bags, jewellery, and even toys.

The finished products will be textured, and some of our punch needles can be set to make the texture depths easier to be consistent.

The deeper the depth, the larger the size of the loop or tuft, which can help you create interesting projects even using just a single colour.

It can be great for using up small amounts of wool if you are making smaller projects or just need to add a dash of another colour.

We sell a Rico Punch Needle book which gives you lots of inspiration, patterns, complete with templates, and instructions to help you with this fabulous new skill.  As well as the book, we also stock the embroidery rings which many find useful, the Monks Cloth which is the ideal medium for using, the wools which are recommended in the book, and, obviously, the needles, of which we have a choice.

We have 2 sizes of Rico Punch Needle.

These needles each come with a needle threader and there are instructions on how to thread the needle, and also basic instructions on using them, inside each pack.

The smaller of the two Rico Punch Needles is designed to be used with Double Knitting or finer wool and yarns. It comes complete with a needle threader, and 3 different sizes of needles, along with a rubber collar to help you grip the needle.  The depth adjuster works on a sliding mechanism, so it is extremely versatile with the different weights. This is secured with an easily used knob to tighten it against the notches on the slide scale, and is very effective.

The thicker Rico Punch Needle is designed for use with Aran and Chunky yarns. The depth adjuster on this needle works on a groove system as there are only 4 depths. The variety of depth isn’t required to be as variable for most people with the thicker wools.  It does not contain any other size of needle than the one which is fitted, as this is suitable for aran and chunky yarns.

We also have a Dimensions-crafts punch needle. This is slimmer and is designed for finer double knits and 4 ply weight of yarn.  It has 1 needle and a threader, with thre!ading instructions on the reverse.  It has a purple collar which is made of a silicone type material to help with your grip. It is not adjustable, so you determine the depth of the loop.

Obviously, you need something to use your Punch Needle with, so we sell Rico Monk’s Cloth.  These 50cm x 140cm lengths of 100% Cotton cloth which is the ideal medium. We only sell it in Ecru at the moment, but you can always fill the cloth with your colourful project.

So, what can you make?   The Rico Punch Needle Book 1 is an ideal starting point.  The book starts with the information and instructions for you to learn a new project, and even to be able to progress when you become a little more of an expert.   There are 17 projects in the book, along with all the templates which are loose, so you don’t have to be able to draw, design or even photocopy or print. Cushions, both modern and more traditional, wall hangings, toys. bag embellishments.   

The wool that Rico recommend in the book is their Rico Mega Wool Chunky. This is a 55% Virgin Wool 45% Acrylic mix and is ideal for this purpose.