Stylecraft 9880 Shawls, Charm

Stylecraft Patterns for 3 Shawls, all of which use only 1 ball of Stylecraft Charm or any similar yarn can be substituted.

Just click here to look at the Stylecraft Charm yarn, ready to make any of these patterns with only 1 Ball each!

Width x Length
Measurements Parasol Lace Shawl in 16½ x 70¾
cm 42×180
Stylecraft Charm – Autumn Mist (3626) – 200g 1 ball
Width x Length (approximately)
Diamond and stocking stitch Shawl in 15¾ x 73¼
cm 40×186
Stylecraft Charm – Sunset (3623) – 200g 1 ball
Width x length (approximately)
Mini leaf lace Shawl in 15¾ x 70¾
cm 40×180
Stylecraft Charm – Grey Mist (3624) – 200g 1 ball
You will also need

1 pair of 4.50mm (UK7-USA7) knitting needles
1 pair of 5.00mm (UK6-USA8) knitting needles for Diamond and stocking stitch and Mini Leaf Shawls
5.00mm (UK6-USA8) 100cm circular needle for Parasol Lace Shawl


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