Stylecraft Charm

Stylecraft Charm is a laceweight yarn that is usually knitted on larger needles, so there’s no need to stress over the word lace!   What it means in reality, is that you can make a wonderfully warm garment or accessory, with a wonderful drape to it for an exceptionally low price!

This charming lace weight yarn is perfect for making delicate shawls and accessories. Its blend of acrylic, wool & mohair gives it a very light and delicate feel while its colour swirl nature knits up to reveal beautifully subtle colour changes. Each garment takes just a single ball in the smallest size. Feather light & gossamer soft.  Obviously it can be used for your favourite lace patterns, so is ideal for making presents!

Each 200g ball is 85% Premium Acrylic, 10% Wool and 5% Mohair and has

1084 metres or 1185 yards !!!  Wow!

This is what we got out of 1 ball of Autumn Dusk – the knitted top AND the crocheted Posey Wrap!

It is machine washable and can even be tumble dried.

We stock all the patterns and most of them are knitted with 4mm or even larger needles, and use only 1 ball for at least the smaller sizes, if not for all the items, so why not have a look.

Perhaps you are looking for a crochet project…  What about our fabulous Chilled Out Charm Crocheted Sweater and Cowl?  You will need 2 balls to make this lightweight but cosy set. (We used Spring Dawn)

Please note that this yarn is now discontinued by Stylecraft, so please make sure you have enough to finish your project, as we cannot obtain more stocks.


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