The Spotted Sheep Chunky Undyed Pure Merino

The Spotted Sheep Chunky Undyed Pure Merino is a chain yarn from Peru.

Each 100g skein has 60 metres and comes in natural, as it is undyed. We like the natural colour so have used it in various projects in it’s current condition.

Because it is undyed, you can dye it yourself to whatever colour you want, and as there are loads of tutorials on-line, it is easy to find instructions.

Lots of people use a microwave, rather than pans, which makes the process easier.

We have used 1 skein of our Chunky yarn to make a pair of Welly / Boot Toppers, along with 1 skein of Erika Knight Fur wool, and they are fabulous. They are so warm and luxurious, you won’t mind the colder weather when walking the dog or just having a stroll.


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