Fur Welly / Boot Toppers

These Fur Welly / Boot Toppers come in sizes Medium and Large, and are one of our own patterns.

They have been made using pure wools for warmth and comfort to cossett you during the colder days and evenings.

We used 1 skein of Erika Knight Fur Wool and 1 skein of our own undyed Pure Merino Chunky yarn, (which can be dyed if you wish to match or contrast with the fur wool.)

The inside of the topper is knit using the undyed Merino and makes for a cosy liner, whilst the cuff is knitted using the fur wool, which is luxurious in it’s warmth.

Size Medium uses 9mm Needles and size Large uses 10mm needles.   

This pattern is available as a pdf download and also as a Printed copy.


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