West Yorkshire Spinners

NEW!!! WYS ColourLab DK Sock Yarns & Pattern

WYS ColourLab DK Sock Yarn is the fabulous NEW yarn from West Yorkshire Spinners. The yarn comes in 150g balls with 337 metres, 367 yards, per ball.  It is made up of the standard mix of 75% Wool and 25% Nylon to give the socks the required combination of warmth and strength. Recommended needles for SOCKS are 3.5mm, to give a firmer and more hard wearing fabric.   Perfect for anyone who suffers from cold feet or who spends time outside dog walking, in stables, builders or just walking for enjoyment, or they make gorgeously toasty lounge socks.  Just add some Rico sock stop dotted onto the sole if you’re wearing them on laminate or similar flooring, to make them grippy!

Suitable for socks and more!    There is a Winwick Mum Dk Sock Knitting Pattern, Good Vibrations, available to purchase with the yarns, or there is a FREE sock pattern, Sound Waves, to download for this yarn.   If you require the free pattern, and need it printing but do not have access to a printer, then we can rectify that for just £1 to cover our costs of paper and printing. Please note that we will not be profiting from this service.

West Yorkshire Spinners,  British Wool,   Reared, sheared and spun in Britain.


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