Stylecraft was launched in 1989, and has grown consistently in their quest to bring yarns which meet today’s requirements.

So what do we have in store from Stylecraft at the moment?

Apart from lots of their patterns, to match the yarns we sell, we also have sample garments of most of the yarns, so you can see and feel the finished article.

And wool…..   Lots of Wool!

Please note that we do not stock all colours of all the yarns listed, as we just haven’t got the space!  If you are looking for a specific colour, it may be worth ringing or contacting us before you make a special journey.  However, we do have lots of beautiful squishy balls of creativity just waiting for your imagination and skill!


Special Dk

We sell all the solid colours of Special Dk!    Yeah! Honestly! All of them!!!

Perfect for lots of projects, from garments, blankets, and toys to pompoms and all that you can make with them.  Let your imagination run riot!

 Dreamcatcher   NEW!

This is a NEW Yarn cake from Stylecraft, and we stock ALL the colours, along with many of the patterns.  It is available in six shades and is a beautiful, DK weight, mélange of colours in a roving style yarn. The colour change is phased so that the shades shift gradually, making it perfect for the trans-seasonal designs we have made for this yarn. The range includes relaxed shape garments and a range of stylish accessories. There is also a beautiful free shawl pattern on each ball band.   It is a blend of 90% Acrylic and 10% wool in 150g cakes, with a meterage of 435m. Machine washable and even suitable for a cool tumble dry.

To purchase this yarn on-line, please click on the name!

We have a new 1 ball (well yarn cake!) crochet wrap pattern that we designed for this yarn, our sample is made in 3955 Arapaho.

Alpaca Tweed Dk and Chunky

These are made with 80% Premium Acrylic and Viscose, with the addition of 20% Alpaca to make them more luxurious.  We have patterns in store for both weights, and both come in 100g balls with 240 metres on the Dk, and 135 metres on the Chunky, which is obviously a quicker knit and perfect for the colder times!  Both are still suitable for the washing machine and even for the tumble dryer, as long as it’s on cool!

  Alpaca Tweed dk

 Alpaca Tweed Chunky


Bambino is the Italian word for Baby, and was designed for baby knits. It is a Double Knit in 100% Acrylic, which is Anti-Pilling, Machine Washable, Cool Tumble Dry and comes in 100g balls with 268 metres on each.


Bellissima was launched after the success of the Bambino yarn. It is the same yarn, but is in a range of colours which are suited to a more grown up clientele. It is also anti-pilling, machine washable and suitable for a cool tumble dry. It comes in 100g balls with 268 metres per ball.   Patterns are available to .purchase,  and samples are in store to see and feel!

Batik  and Batik Elements

Batik and Batik Elements are both double knitting yarns, which come in 50g balls.  The composition is 80% premium Acrylic and 20% Wool. Both can be machine washed and tumble dried on cool, and have a meterage of 138 metres. The Batik comes in colours inspired by Morocco and in semi-solid shades.   The Batik Elements have a more varied colourway, all being a melange of colours, which link with the basic Batik colours.  Patterns are available to purchase, including some girls patterns up to 11 years old,  and garment samples are in store to see and feel!

Batik Swirls

The Batik Swirls are 200g yarn cakes, with exciting colour changes using the colours of the Batik range.  Each cake is made up of a 80% Premium Acrylic and 20% Wool mixture, with a length of 550 metres, and can be machine washed and popped into the tumble dryer on cool.  We have patterns available for knitted and crocheted shawls which use just 1 cake to make!  but this yarn can also be made to a standard double knit pattern. We have lots of patterns in store which use this yarn for adults and children up to 11 years of age, and samples made as shawls, and both adult and children’s garments, so you can see and feel how the finished article will be.  And remember, long meterage means less ends to weave in! That and the fact that it knits up beautifully and washes well are why many of our customers love it!   Winner, winner!


Cabaret is a double knit weight with a colour changing palette on each ball.  Each 230 metre, 100g ball is made of Acrylic  and Polyester, so is perfect for anyone who can’t wear wool.  Like many of Stylecraft’s yarns, it can be machine washed and tumble dried on cool.  Patterns are available in store, along with sample garments so you can see how it knits up.

Colour Pooling

You may have read about the trend for planned pooling and Stylecraft is the first of the big brands to embrace this fashion with new yarn Colour Pool, where Argyll-style patterns magically appear when you crochet or knit!  This Aran weight yarn comes in 200g, 330 metre, 100% Acrylic balls which can be machine washed and cool tumble dried.  Obviously, you can just knit this as a random coloured yarn if you want! That’s the beauty of doing it yourself.

 Head Over Heels

Head over heels is a 4ply yarn which is strong enough for socks as well as being versatile enough for shawls and 4 Ply garments. We have patterns for these, including cardigan patterns for babies that just use 1 ball, both easy and more complex. You pick…    Perfect if you want to make something different!


Jeanie is an exciting yarn that captures the spirit and heritage of the denim trend. Inspired by the timeless and classic hues of denim. Jeanie is an aran weight yarn, and it’s cotton acrylic blend means that it is soft to the touch and it can be machine washed and tumble dried. Each 100g ball contains 210 metres. We have both adult and children’s garments in store as samples.

Life Changes

Life Changes is available in rich, semi solid shades. It is a luxurious yet practical yarn, with 25% wool mixed into the 75% premium acrylic, in each 100g, 298 metre ball. This yarn is soft and supple, as well as being easy on the hands. Life Double Knitting washes and wears extremely well and is perfect for a whole range of projects due to the versatile nature of the yarn.

Life Heritage Aran

Life Heritage Aran is a variegated yarn that gives a Fair Isle effect in blends of harmonious colours. Each 100g ball is 198 metres long, and, in line with Stylecraft usual standards, is suitable for the washing machine and a cool tumble dry.  Again, we have patterns and sample garments of this yarn in store.

Life Super Chunky

Life Super Chunky is a luxurious yet practical yarn. With 25% wool mixed into the 75% premium acrylic they use, this yarn is soft and supple, as well as being easy on the hands. Life Super Chunky machine washes, tumble dries and wears extremely well and is perfect for a whole range of projects due to the versatile nature of the yarn. This is another yarn of which we have patterns and garment samples available in store.

Linen Drape

Linen is a most beautiful fibre and perfect for Spring and Summer. Not only does it have a wonderful lustre, but the drape is very elegant. Team it up with viscose and you have one of the most exciting yarns of the season- Linen Drape.  This 100g, 185 metre, double knit yarn can be machine washed, but not tumble dried. We have a beautiful crocheted cardigan sample in the shop, as well as a knitted jumper and lots of patterns, and all the colours.  We love it!

Merry Go Round

Merry Go Round is a self striping, double knit baby yarn which comes in some striking colourways. This is a very popular yarn with children and adults alike, as it is soft, easy care and the colours are fab!  Whether you want pastel or bright rainbow, rich jewel tones that remind you of Morocco or shades of blues or pinks, we have them! Sample garments are in store, as well as patterns, including one for a wonderful toy Unicorn…..   that mythical creature which has captured the imagination of so many!

Special XL

Fancy knitting something Super Chunky and super soft, quickly?  Then this is the yarn for you!  It is 100% Acrylic and comes in 200g balls of 136 metres each, with the colours being inspired by some in the Special range.   We have a fabulous Coatigan and shawl knitted up in this yarn, as well as lots of patterns.



Stardust is another yarn which is highly suitable for the younger people in our lives.  It is a double knit with a sparkle running through it, so is perfect for cardigans, boleros, hats, etc.  It comes in pastel shades, along with vibrant red and emerald which are perfect for Christmas garments. We have a great little ‘Elf’ jumper, along with a matching elf toy knitted up, which is perfect for Christmas!  They are just some of the Stardust patterns which we have in store.

Swift Knit Mega

Fancy something in the Super bulky over – sized look?  Quick to knit?We have both crocheted and knitted cowls as samples, both as free patterns with 1 ball of yarn, which is all you need to make either.  It is a 20% Wool, 80% Acrylic blend, in 200g, 80 metre balls which use BIG needles and hooks, so is super speedy!

Life Vintage Look

This 75% Acrylic 25% Wool blend Double Knit yarn comes in 100g balls of 298 metres each. It has the simplicity of a neutral marl yarn which blends with richer colours, and is beautifully soft.  We have sample garments in store, along with a selection of patterns.

Machine washable and suitable for a cool tumble dry. Perfect!