Knitted Amigurumi Cacti with Pots £2.50/£3.00

These really cute little Cacti are perfect for placing around your house and the best thing is, they don’t need watering or light! Brilliant for an inside bathroom, your office desk or just because!  The pattern is knitted flat, great for those that don’t like or want to knit ‘in the round.’ We have used Ricorumi Solid Colours, 3mm Knitting Needles, Toy Stuffing, a sewing-up needle and a small piece of cardboard for the base. Ours are approximately 10cm high and used the following quantities of yarn: Pot – 6g, Cacti -4g, Flower – 2g, Toy stuffing per Cacti & pot – 4g.

Obviously, if you want to make them bigger, you can just use thicker yarn and needles, eg Aran and 4mm, Chunky and 5mm, SuperChunky and 6 or 7mm.

We also have patterns for Knitted Apples.       


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