Lytton by Erika Knight

Lytton by Erika Knight

Lytton is a very simple sleeveless vest, knitted in two pieces. The back is worked in K1,P1 rib and then changes to K2,P2 rib, and finished with a basic cast off for the armholes and back neck. The ‘fronts’ are worked as one long piece in K2,P2 rib. The back and the front pieces are simply assembled to create a basic and stylish layering garment.


To fit chest 82-87cm/32¼-34¼in
Finished chest 107cm/42in
Back length 47cm/18½in
Armhole depth 19cm/7½in

To fit chest 92-97cm/36¼-38in
Finished chest 111cm/43¾in
Back length 50cm/19¾in
Armhole depth 20cm/8in

To fit chest 102-107cm/40-42in
Finished chest 121cm/47½in
Back length 53cm/20¾in
Armhole depth 21cm/8¼in

To fit chest 114-120cm/45-47¼in
Finished chest 125cm/49in
Back length 56cm/22in
Armhole depth 22cm/8¾in

erika knight british blue 100 (100% pure British Bluefaced Leicester wool with approx. 220m/240yds per 100g/3oz hank)
Quantity: 3(4:4:5) x 100g hanks or in metres you need 660 ( 880, 880, 1,100) metres
3.75mm/US 5 needles
Stitch markers
Large eyed blunt tipped sewing needle
Note: Yarn amounts given are based on average requirements.   Erika Knight British Blue is a gorgeous double knit yarn.

If you didn’t want a 100% wool garment, this would be perfect in Katia Basic Merino, which has a 50/50 mixture of merino and Acrylic all in a large range of colours and is machine washable.

If you were to make this pattern in Katia Basic Merino dk you would need 6 ( 8, 8, 10) balls

If you were to make this pattern in Stylecraft ReCreate dk you would need 2 ( 3, 3, 4) balls

Any dk yarn can be used, to work out how much you need simply divide the total number of metres needed by the number of metres in the alternative yarn – i.e. for ReCreate and the small size the calculation would be 660 divided by 350 = 1.88 or 2 balls. We hope this helps, if not call us on 01706 614063

This is a printed pattern that will be posted out to you


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