Erika Knight

Passerby Sweater Knitting Pattern by Erika Knight


is a superchunky simple sweater pattern, the kind of pattern that should be readily available but is too frequently so difficult to find.

This pattern is perfect for anyone looking for a super cosy sweater that is super easy and quick to knit.

An ideal sweater for a teenager or student and serves just as well for anyone who really feels the cold and wants a ‘wearable duvet’ sweater to snuggle up in and stay toasty warm at home or for out and about.

Worked in stocking stitch with a k1, p1 rib it is the perfect TV knit.

Designed to be worked in Erika Knight Maxi Wool for ultimate warmth and cosiness.

If you prefer an alternative yarn then to work out how much you need simply divide the number of metres you need by the number of meters on the alternate yarn, so for example 480m Maxi Wool for medium, the alternate yarn has 80 m so it will be 480 divided by 80 = 6 balls!

Yarn requirements and sizes:

Extra small – chest 34” / 86cm, 5 hanks Maxi Wool or 400m superchunky

Small – chest 37” / 94cm, 5 hanks Maxi Wool or 400m superchunky

Medium – chest 41” / 104cm, 6 hanks Maxi Wool or 480m superchunky

Large – chest 14 1/2” / 116cm, 6 hanks Maxi Wool or 480m superchunky

Extra Large – chest 50 1/2” / 128cm, 7 hanks Maxi Wool or 560m superchunky

Additional materials: 10.00mm and 12mm needles, large eyed sewing up needle

This is a printed pattern that will be posted out to you


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